About Hardway

Thank you for visiting Hardway Farm’s new web page. If things continue to go well I will design a personalized page for the farm and have more details added, but for now this gets the name out there and is a place to direct folks if they ask for one.

My name is Heaven Roberts from Sweet Home, Oregon. I have enjoyed animals my entire life and spent many years in 4-H and FFA with pigs, sheep, goats, ¬†and steers. I never showed horses but we always rode them, and horses remain one of the great loves of my life. Currently I enjoy working with heritage poultry and other small animal projects as time and physical abilities allow. Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell.

Hardway Farm is an unofficial name for the little operation going on here. My family operates a greenhouse/garden project, selling starts and then produce as the season progresses. I am the only one really interested in the animals so sometimes I refer to the farm as “we” and other times as “I”, hope it’s not too confusing.

So why the name Hardway? Well, because I don’t feel like I’m “doing it the hardway” but anytime I sit back and look at the logistics of it all I really am. Starting from scratch, learning as I go, experimenting – all of these things are not easy. Too many times I suggest to others to NOT do what I’ve done all along.



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