Quail Cages

Most of our quail are housed in colony rabbit cages, with a rubber pail inside for a dusting area. This allows their droppings to easily fall through and not be an issue. However for our breeding trios we use individual wood bottomed cages with sand for “bedding”.

This is my first attempt at a breeder cage (July 2012). The entire structure is 3ft tall x 8ft wide x  18″ deep. This will make eight breeder cages – to fit a trio in each. Each cage will be about 2ft x 18″, or 3sqft. This gives a square foot for each bird.

The Start of the Quail Cage

The Start of the Quail Breeding Cage

As you can see in the photo, the cages will have a solid bottom. They also have a 3″ ledge (a 1×3 board) across the bottom. This is because I am putting sand down as the substrate, and will put hay on top of that. I can rake out the hay and leave the sand in for moisture control and if they want to dust bathe in it, that’s fine as well.

Each breeder cage will have a solid divider to discourage fighting and a hardware net front. The hardware netting is about 1/3 the cost (or less) than metal hardware cloth, yet serves the same purpose. This cage will be mounted inside the chicken coop, so won’t be getting any direct sun, so I have no worries about the durability of the netting. The color? Pewter Vase.



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